Alejandro Mezza shoots Avon Cucina Donna photography campaign

avon commercial photography

How did you get this client?

I`ve worked with Avon before, but this time they asked us to do the whole production of the campaign.

What did the client want and how did you manage to deliver?

It was challenging for us because the idea of the campaign was shooting lifestyle images in movement.  The idea of shooting in a specific location was put off the table because the client had a very limited brief, and knew exactly what he wanted.  So shooting in studio was the best option to have everything under control. We replicated the kitchen, we custom made the turquoise background, even had the burners working! In this opportunity, we worked with a food styler, hired a chef as a model and art direction was in charge of Valentina Luppino.

Is it hard to freeze a subjet in motion?

We worked with special lighting equipment that has a beam of light very short.  This made it easy to achieve the result we were looking for.

wok motion photoraphy

Art direction and Set designer: Valentina Luppino

Food styling: Mariela Boni

Executive producer and post production: Latino Studio