Alejandro Mezza shoots Falabella catalogue, 2017

1) How do you work in these kind of photo productions? Do you use a special location or a studio?

Usually we work in locations. But in this opportunity we decided it was best to shoot in studio. The photos had a conceptual look&feel with simple compositions and plain, cool colour palette so we needed a good, simple studio to work our best.

2) What type of camara do you work with?

I use a Canon 5Ds or Sony 7R ll with canon prime lens.

3) Do you work by yourself? Or have your own team?

When we do big productions, as this one, there is a production company who takes care of all the details and sets a work team with people designated in each specific area.  Such as stylists, art directors, logistics and production, photography and retouch. 

When there is no production company involved, I work with a digital operator as first assistant and when the job demands it, I work with a second assistant who takes care of lighting.   

4) How many hours does one day of shooting last? 

One shooting day can last from 9 to 18 hours

5) Do you work with natural light or use a flash? 

In this case, I used flash, Profoto D1 kit, as it was all done inside a studio.  In some cases, usually when we shoot in locations,  I combine flash and natural light. 

  • Client: Falabella Argentina

  • Ph: Alejandro Mezza

  • Deco Styling: Silvina bidabehere

  • Art Direction: Tao Design

  • Producer: María Laura Taiariol for Surreal MKT