Alejandro Mezza shoots Falabella catalogue, 2017

1) How do you work in these kind of photo productions? Do you use a special location or a studio?

Usually we work in locations. But in this opportunity we decided it was best to shoot in studio. The photos had a conceptual look&feel with simple compositions and plain, cool colour palette so we needed a good, simple studio to work our best.

2) What type of camara do you work with?

I use a Canon 6D

3) Do you work by yourself? Or have your own team?

When we do big productions, as this one, there is a production company who takes care of all the details and sets a work team with people designated in each specific area.  Such as stylists, art directors, logistics and production, photography and retouch. 

When there is no production company involved, I work with a digital operator as first assistant and when the job demands it, I work with a second assistant who takes care of lighting.   

4) How many hours does one day of shooting last? 

One shooting day can last from 9 to 18 hours

5) Do you work with natural light or use a flash? 

In this case, I used flash, Profoto D1 kit, as it was all done inside a studio.  In some cases, usually when we shoot in locations,  I combine flash and natural light. 

  • Client: Falabella Argentina

  • Ph: Alejandro Mezza

  • Digital tech: Juan Fariña

  • Deco Styling: Silvina bidabehere

  • Art Direction: Tao Design

  • Producer: María Laura Taiariol for Surreal MKT