Presenting “ Spaces,” a new fine art series by Alejandro Mezza

"In my opinion, the creative life of a commercial photographer is divided in two fundamental parts: when we are shooting and when we are waiting to be hired for our next Project.  Shooting artistic, personal work, makes us available and reachable for future potential clients and most important, rediscover our creative side."

Swimming pool, Cenard, Buenos Aires

Columns, Law School, Buenos Aires University,

Columns, Law School, Buenos Aires University,

Columns II, Law School, Buenos Aires University

Columns II, Law School, Buenos Aires University

Mc Donald´s, Route 2

Mc Donald´s, Route 2

Quilmes Soccer field

Quilmes Soccer field

Sign, Quilmes Soccer field

Sign, Quilmes Soccer field

Light in Mar de Ajó

Light in Mar de Ajó

Park, Puerto Madero

Park, Puerto Madero

Luxury Polo Ranch "El Remanso"

El Remanso is situated in the heart of one of Argentina's renowned polo regions. Set amongst 500ha of farmland that's flat as far as the eye can see, the terrain naturally lends itself to some of the finest playing surfaces in the world. We have 4 boarded polo fields and a stick and ball field as well as stables for 80 horses and a state of the art exercise track. Our high goal team has enjoyed success in both Argentina and England, and is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with. Meanwhile, our men's and ladies' tournaments have become firm fixtures on the polo calendar and continue to grow each year.


How did you get this project?

I was contacted by a design studio based in London who was working on rebranding “El remanso polo ranch”.  They were looking for a photographer in Buenos Aires.

How did you specialize in interior photography?

When i was a kid i wanted to be an architect. I was interested in design in all it´s forms.  For many years i worked shooting houses in Argentina and Uruguay for architecture studios and european editorials.  


How did you manage to work with your client, him being in London? 

We were in constant communication with the agency via skype, mail and whatsapp.  Nowadays, global communication makes it very easy to work at a distance and in real time. Every day we would send them a report of the shooting with a preview of the images in low resolution.


Did you work with a stylist?

Usually, I work with a stylist who is in charge of bringing props and set the scenery.  In this particular case, as the Hotel was in perfect conditions, we didn´t feel it was necessary. 

Does this type of photos require intensive post production?

We edit our work with CaptureOne,  with this software we control colour, lightning, shadows, perspective, contrast.  We then use photoshop for final touches and cosmetic retouch.

PH: Alejandro Mezza

Retouching and production: MEZZAPHOTO STUDIO


Art director: Phil Curl

Client: El Remanso Polo


Alejandro Mezza shoots Avon Cucina Donna photography campaign

avon commercial photography

How did you get this client?

I`ve worked with Avon before, but this time they asked us to do the whole production of the campaign.

What did the client want and how did you manage to deliver?

It was challenging for us because the idea of the campaign was shooting lifestyle images in movement.  The idea of shooting in a specific location was put off the table because the client had a very limited brief, and knew exactly what he wanted.  So shooting in studio was the best option to have everything under control. We replicated the kitchen, we custom made the turquoise background, even had the burners working! In this opportunity, we worked with a food styler, hired a chef as a model and art direction was in charge of Valentina Luppino.

Is it hard to freeze a subjet in motion?

We worked with special lighting equipment that has a beam of light very short.  This made it easy to achieve the result we were looking for.

wok motion photoraphy

Art direction and Set designer: Valentina Luppino

Food styling: Mariela Boni

Executive producer and post production: Latino Studio


Alejandro Mezza shoots food photography campaign

Good & Green,  a natural restaurant based in Buenos Aires, recently commissioned Alejandro Mezza to shoot their new food and lifestyle campaign for their social networks and web page. 


PH: Alejandro Mezza

Digital tech: Juan Fariña

Styling: Ale Altamira

Agency: Miro Innovation

Client: Good& Green


Alejandro Mezza shoots Falabella catalogue, 2017

1) How do you work in these kind of photo productions? Do you use a special location or a studio?

Usually we work in locations. But in this opportunity we decided it was best to shoot in studio. The photos had a conceptual look&feel with simple compositions and plain, cool colour palette so we needed a good, simple studio to work our best.

2) What type of camara do you work with?

I use a Canon 6D

3) Do you work by yourself? Or have your own team?

When we do big productions, as this one, there is a production company who takes care of all the details and sets a work team with people designated in each specific area.  Such as stylists, art directors, logistics and production, photography and retouch. 

When there is no production company involved, I work with a digital operator as first assistant and when the job demands it, I work with a second assistant who takes care of lighting.   

4) How many hours does one day of shooting last? 

One shooting day can last from 9 to 18 hours

5) Do you work with natural light or use a flash? 

In this case, I used flash, Profoto D1 kit, as it was all done inside a studio.  In some cases, usually when we shoot in locations,  I combine flash and natural light. 

  • Client: Falabella Argentina

  • Ph: Alejandro Mezza

  • Digital tech: Juan Fariña

  • Deco Styling: Silvina bidabehere

  • Art Direction: Tao Design

  • Producer: María Laura Taiariol for Surreal MKT